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Why are so many people choosing a virtual card?

  • Create/update yourself quickly and easily
  • Display your interactive social media links for instant contact
  • Never utter the words “I don't have a business card with me” again
  • The only business card you’ll ever need
  • Go Green! These cards are 100% Eco-Friendly
  • No need to lug around paper business cards that get lost or thrown away
  • 100% paperless, 100% interactive -- EASY for you, EASY for your customers

Go Virtual Today for FREE in 3 easy steps!

Create your own Vbizcards

  • Upload your picture from your Phone, PC, Facebook or Linkedin account.
  • Choose the social media links you want displayed on the card.

Download the WebAPP

  • Login from your smartphone and add the WebApp to your home screen.

Expand your network

  • Simply tap the webapp to copy your virtual business card link.
  • Text the link to anyone, anytime, anywhere!
  • Share your card across the web, just post the link.


What people think of taking their business card virtual

I own multiple businesses. Today I’m a real estate agent, tomorrow I’m running my carpet cleaning business and next week I’m a freelance photographer. Instead of toting a bunch of business cards around I created 3 vbizcards. Now when someone inquires about one of my businesses I easily text them the link of the business they are interested in. Now I have their number for follow up and they have my vbizcard listing all of my services.
-Wesley Lu
LU Enterprise

These cards are awesome. I can now make changes without having to wait days to receive updated business cards in the mail. These cards are great conversation starters. People take notice when I say “let me text you my business card.”
-Juan Brown
Marketing Specialist

Network opportunities just happen and they always happen when I don’t have a business card. I always have a business card now! It doesn’t matter if I’m jogging, at the coffee shop or while in line at the grocery store, I’m ready. I never miss a potential networking opportunity
-Annette Dixon
Straight Forward Strategies

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